Peille Tourisme
Peille, France

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Peille, an authentic medieval village, will make you discover its peculiarities around a corner: its hidden chapels, now rehabilitated as a bakery, an oil mill or even a Town Hall. Many traces of the past to explore during a walk rich in history.

Its old stones weathered by the ravages of time give Peille all its Middle Ages character. Then its old streets with arched passages will make you lose your sense of direction, this is how you discover the village, by walking through its dozens of steep stairs.

Throughout the ages, Peille has known its heroes and pays homage to many personalities. Each of these celebrities left a piece of history in Peille that you will find as you walk through the village.

It is also throughout the year that the village of Peille and the Grave de Peille which is attached to it, highlight ancestral traditions during major festivals. Each of these festivals is the time for everyone to come together in respect of traditions and the celebration of what makes Peille a village of history.

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