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Peille, France

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From the foot of the Alps and the GR5, the Peille pathways are accessible in all seasons. For a 30-minute or six-hour trek, you will discover breath-taking landscapes, varied flora and fauna, and a rich and mysterious heritage nestled between the sea and the mountains.
Themed excursions or simple treks : you can go on these alone, with your family, or with a guide. Book your tour at the Maison d’Activités Pleine Nature of Peille.

Discovering the treks :

  • Cime du Farguet: Distance 16km / Declivity 1300m+/- / Average time 7h
  • Col de la Madone – Cervetta: Distance 12.21km / Declivity 1019m+/- / Average time 4h05
  • Collet de Cristo: Distance 5.31km / Declivity 417m+/- / Average time 1h46
  • Crête des Assalins: Distance 4.8km / Declivity 429m+/- / Average time 1h40
  • Gorbio: Distance 12.04km / Declivity 664m+/- / Average time 4h
  • La Grave: Distance 7km / Declivity 466m+/- / Average time 2h
  • Le Mont Ours: Distance 14km / Declivity 750m+/- / Average time 5h30
  • Peillon: Distance 17.8km / Declivity 696m+/- / Average time 6h
  • Segra: Distance 15km / Declivity 687m+/- / Average time 2h22
  • Saint-Martin – Terca: Distance 11km / Declivity 751m+/- / Average time 3h
  • Val de Ville: Distance 5.7km / Declivity 359m+/- / Average time 1h55
  • Virounours: Distance 11.57km / Declivity 987m+/- / Average time 3h51



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