Peille Tourisme
Peille, France

Phone : +33 4 93 91 71 71 – Mail :

In Peille, local artisans shape their products with passion and talent. Whatever their areas of activity, you can find their creations for direct sale or on their respective website.

Craftsmen of Peille :

– Brasserie des Ligures : an artisanal brewery in Grave de Peille which offers different varieties of beers. You can find their creations directly on site or in certain places on the French Riviera.
” Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health “

– The Atelier de Yves Montarou : artist recognized in the region, the Atelier de Yves Montarou is located in the village of Peille and offers a set of artisanal creations: jewelry, leatherwork, portrait, various gifts …


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