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Circuit of the crosses


In addition to its chapels, the paths of Peille are marked by huge crosses. These points of rural spirituality, placed at carefully determined spots, were replaced over the years by iron crosses. Some have since been moved, and others have disappeared altogether.

The circuit of the crosses will take you to :

  • The croix de l’orme (elm cross): dating from the 19th century, it stands on the rocks alongside the road connecting Peille and La Turbie.
  • The croix du Terris: this iron cross held by a cylindrical pilaster made of dimension stones rests in the middle of a small, masoned mound in the Signavour neighbourhood. The cross bears the date 1866 and the initials B.F. (probably for ironsmith Boglio François who was tasked with installing it).
  • The croix du col Saint-Bernard (cross of Saint Bernard’s pass): located in the northern part of the village, at the limit of Troupeï pine forest.
  • The croix du pied de Jacques: located at the end of the western ridge of Mont Baudon, by the side of the old ducal Peille-Sospel path.
  • The croix des Lacs (the cross of the lakes): located by the side of the chemin des Lacs (lakes path), this cross was erected on the 15th of April 1894.
  • The croix de la Grave de Peille: this iron cross was moved from the old bridge over the Paillon to the wall surrounding the property of François Levamis, deceased, former mayor of Peille.


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