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water circuit


Taking its source at Madone pass, the Faquin is not the only river to supply Peille with water. The Erbossiera vale, starting at Banquettes pass, contributed to the irrigation of the north-western neighbourhoods of the commune, including Gazouil, pas d’Ongran, la Tana, Virounours, and Gaudissart. There are also a good many sources located on the surrounding slopes.

The water circuit:

  • An itinerary: a 30-minute walk to discover Peille’s water systems (fountains, wash basins, waterwheel).
  • The irrigation canals: discover the old systems for the distribution of water used for private gardens and crops.
  • The sinkholes: Forming a natural reservoir, the sinkholes supply water to the Faquin ravine.


Useful information

Travel time

  • About 30 minutes
Difficulty level
  • Suitable for all
Download the Peille booklet : the waterways

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