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oratories circuit


The Colette path located below the village will take you to the discovery of the 14 stations of the Way of the Cross which accompanies Jesus towards his death and which constitutes the circuit of the oratories of Peille.

The stations are visible step by step through the olive trees and thyme trees. Accessible to everyone from the Pous district, you will be guided to the Chapelle de la Colette dating from the 18th century.

Like a pilgrimage for the spirit, this walk offers both physical and spiritual aspects: walking, meditation and discovery. The ideal is to reach it at sunset to fully enjoy the view of the Bay of Angels.

The 14 Stations of the Cross of Colette :

  • 1st station: Jesus is condemned to death
  • 2nd station: Jesus is charged with his cross
  • 3rd station: Jesus falls under the wood of the cross
  • 4th station: Jesus meets his Mother
  • 5th station: Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry his cross
  • 6th station: Véronique wipes the face of Jesus
  • 7th station: Jesus falls for the second time
  • 8th station: Jesus comforts the daughters of Jerusalem
  • 9th station: Jesus falls for the third time
  • 10th station: Jesus is stripped of his clothes
  • 11th station: Jesus is tied to the cross
  • 12th station: Jesus dies on the cross
  • 13th station: Jesus is taken down from the cross and handed over to his mother
  • 14th station: Jesus is placed in the sepulcher

Today the oratory presenting the 13th and 14th stations is no longer visible.


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