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Old postcard circuit


Tour the village of Peille and discover stone plates made from the cooled lava of the Auvergne volcanoes, bearing reproductions of old postcards, placed at the photographed sites. The association for the development of the Pays des Paillons created this old postcard circuit to allow us to travel back and forth through time, and to discover an evolution that is full of surprises.

The postcards will show you :

  • Place du Serre, the tobacconist
  • Place André Laugier, the magistrates palace
  • Place du Mont Agel, with the Gothic fountain and the public wash basin
  • The entrance of the old Saint-Sébastien Chapel
  • Rue Saint-Sébastien
  • The wash basin in Place de la République (2 postcards)
  • The village, Saint-Roch Chapel
  • The fortifications and the remains of the feudal castle
  • The Lascaris palace
  • The old Mont Baudon hotel
  • The Sainte-Marie parish church
  • Place Carnot, the old Saint-Antoine Chapel


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