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Peille’s phone exchange is in a hole dug into the rock. Its configuration resembles an H, the two ends of which are entrances leading to a corridor of about ten meters long, themselves leading to the actual phone exchange. It has been entirely masoned.

The central section measures approximately 17m x 5m and includes the phone exchange and two central rooms. It extends to the left into a room located on the other side of the entrance gallery and containing TSF equipment.

Two small annexes on either side of the right entrance a used for storage, and a room probably housing a generator is located to the left of the right-hand entrance.

The phone exchange of Peille was connected to the phone network of the Maginot fortification by requisitioned public overhead lines and underground military lines.
The exchange was equipped with a transmitter – receiver set ER 50W or ER 250 W and probably an OTCF set. The antennas were installed in 1935 in the top part of the rocky peak that houses the phone exchange.

This historical site was also used during Second World War by Sister Thomasine as a place to shelter the elderly and the wounded.

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Useful Information
  • Located at the eastern entrance of the village
  • GPS location : 43°48’16°N 7°24’15”E
  • Cannot be visited. Only the door is still visible
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