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Peille, France

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A mixed construction of Mont Agel fort and of the fortified square of Nice, the cable car station is part of Peille’s military heritage.

This masonry building housing the lower station of the cable car that goes up to the Maginot fort of Mont-Agel stands by the side of the road and features a loading dock for ferried goods and a small storage hall.

The cable car was maintained until 1965 and was then abandoned because Radio Monte Carlo’s transmitter (installed in 1948, medium frequency) was scrambling the phone connection between the two cable car stations. As a significant part of the military heritage of the commune of Peille, the building was converted into a rural leisure centre. The renovation works respected the design of the central column of the building, preserving the very heart of the room by keeping the incredible metallic framework in place.

The connection to the fort was provided by a cable supported by eight pylons, all located on the first section of the route, the second section featuring a significant slope and not requiring any form of support

Useful Information
  • Located by the road, in the Lakes district
  • GPS location : 43°46’39°N 7°24’16”E
  • Can not be visited.
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