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The only construction of the Nice-Coni line that was spared during Second World War, the Erbossiera viaduct is in a remarkable state of preservation. It is the only large-scale construction designed by architect Paul Séjourné.

It was commissioned on the 31st of October 1928. 205 meters long, it straddles the Erbossiera and its vale, reaching a maximum elevation of 48 meters above the level of the river.

It features an elliptical central arch on a vertical axis (opening: 36 meters) topped on either side by three small vaults, and it follows an access viaduct with 10 arches.

The building was labeled “20th Century Heritage” on November 28, 2000.


Useful Information
  • Located in La Grave de Peille
  • GPS location : 43° 48′ 27.48″ N 7° 22′ 58.56″ E
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