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La Colette Chapel


Dedicated to the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary, La Colette Chapel is located some fifteen minutes to the west of the village, by the side of the path from Peille to the Gaudissart neighbourhood. It was built in 1777, based on two stones found during the restoration of its roof in 1951. It is one of the largest chapels of Peille and constitutes a fine destination for a short stroll.

Much later, in front of the chapel, a small square was established; a dimension stone used for the load-bearing wall is inscribed with the date 1861, which is certainly the year this terrace was added. During the last visit of 1836, the order was issued to repair the steps leading to the altar and to acquire a set of chandeliers. In ancient times, on the 25th of March, after the high mass, the officiant walked out onto the small terrace, from where he would bless the surrounding countryside.

From the village to Notre-Dame de la Colette, there are twelve stations of the cross: these masoned and tile-covered oratories sometimes feature faint remnants of old paintings. These stations of the cross were erected in 1850, with a donation of 80 francs, the interest of which was enough to ensure their upkeep back then.

A small path to the left of the sign signalling the entrance of the village leads there. The chapel is decorated with recent murals and was entirely restored in 2004.

The chapel of La Colette won the historical heritage prize in 2003 awarded by “les Vieilles Maisons Françaises”.

Useful Information
  • Located on the left bank of the Faquin, on the old Peille-Monaco road
  • GPS location : 43° 48’ 05.25 N, 07° 24’ 20.46 E
  • Free visit
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