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Saint Joseph Chapel


Saint-Joseph Chapel belongs to the Confraternity of White Penitents or to the brotherhood of the Ganfalon de la Sainte Croix.

Located in centre of the village, following a north-south orientation, it dates from the 18th century but has undergone various restorations.

Standing in front of a small square, it features a pyramidal belltower made of varnished tiles; the actual bell having been remolten several times, in particular during the last century, when a significant crack appeared. It is rather voluminous, and used to sound canonical hours, and to give the time of the day according to the communal clock.

The inside of the chapel, largely rectangular, comprises a communion table and a banister made of varnished walnut wood. The altar is made of stucco and features an old processional cross and the lanterns carried by the Penitents.

At the entrance, there are two holy water fonts: the one on the left, with an oval basin, comes from Saint Sébastien Chapel.

The chapel also houses two nativity scenes and a painting depicting the beheading of Saint Jean  Baptiste, all three unsigned.


Useful Information
  • Located in the centre of the village, place Saint Joseph
  • GPS location : 43.803025,7.402192
  • Free visit on request
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