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Saint Siméon of Ongran Chapel


Erected on a dry and rocky plateau, surrounded by cliffs on the north east and the south, Saint Siméon d’Ongran Chapel stands at an altitude of 635m. It was built in 1229 by the Monks of Saint Pons.

This lower Saint-Siméon d’Ongran Chapel could be older than its neighbour and sister, the higher Ongran Chapel: in any case, it has the earliest historical mention.

Indeed, in around 1705, it is returned to Saint-Pons Abbey and is handed over to the bishop of Nice.

In 1925, an arbitration decision issued by Rome declares that Saint-Siméon Church belongs to the Canons of the Valence Abbey, a decision later confirmed by the papal bulls of Pope Gregory IX and Pope Innocent VIII.
At the end of the 15th century, it certainly fell into ruin, as the population had decreased, and local residents tended to gather at the centre of the village.

But during the last years of the 17th century, the walls were raised again, and a new chapel was built right next to the former one, dedicated to the same saint.

In 1829, the bishop of Nice returns to the site; he finds the building in a poor state and in need of repairs; furthermore, the altar stone and the linen covering it, the canons, the chandeliers, and the crucifix needed replacing, the roof was in need of urgent repairs, and the iron cross was to be returned to its original place on top of the façade.

In 1836, the bishop confirmed that the chapel has been renovated. The only thing that was missing was some linen, and the chalice and the paten needed regilding.

Useful Information
  • Located in the Ongran district at 635m altitude
  • GPS location : 43°49’37.3 N, 07°24’19.6  E
  • Free visit
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