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Saint Jean-Baptiste Chapel


Opposite the Arma neighbourhood, on the left bank of the Faquin and alongside the former Peille-Monaco path, under a large rock that provides some protection, is nestled a little chapel, with an east-west orientation, dedicated to saint Jean-Baptiste.

Probably built towards the beginning of the 18th century, it is like the other chapels of the region, with its door surrounded by barred windows on either side; its only specificity is its Romanesque window opening just on top of the door lintel.

In 1743, the bishop visited the chapel and ordered various works to be conducted. In 1829, it belonged to the community, and the Priors of the high altar of the parish church were tasked with its administration. In 1836, exterior works were required to install gutters, to add bars to the windows, and to provide the central opening with a glass window.

The walls are still standing, but the roof has had its tiles removed and taken away, and lets rainwater in.

In the old days, on the 24th of June, a day commemorating the beheading of Saint John the Baptist, the parish priest would lead a procession to this chapel where a high mass was celebrated.

On the road, an oratory nestled in a nook hollowed out from the stone is visible, on the vale side, some 800 meters from the village, and a partially erased painting can be seen depicting the baptism of Christ by saint Jean-Baptiste and featuring the dove of the Holy Spirit.

Useful Information
  • Located on the left bank of the Faquin, on the old Peille-Monaco road, Arma district
  • GPS location : 43° 48’ 05.25 N, 07° 24’ 20.46 E
  • Free visit
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