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Saint Pancrace Chapel


Saint-Pancrace Chapel, about half-an-hour away from the village, stands by the side of the old Peille-Monaco path at the boundary of the Buanpen and Suillé neighbourhoods. It was probably built after 1743, as it only appears in archives at the beginning of the following century.

With an east-west orientation, we know that in 1829 it had been left in the good care of the Confraternity of White Penitents.

Its off-white silhouette emerges from the arid rocks facing Rastel summit. The arched traces still visible on the façade tell us that it is an old open chapel that was closed later. It has no apse. On top of the old altar table, the traces of a painting or a fresco are still visible.

In 1836, during the pastoral visit, the order was issued to build steps leading to the holy table, to acquire six chandeliers, to adjust the paving, to install stained glass in the window on top of the entrance door, and to make the sacred stone secure.
Formerly, on Easter Tuesday, a high mass was celebrated, attended by the White Penitents and the Black Penitents, along with a large congregation.

Nowadays, it is still standing but in a state of disuse, devoid of its religious ornaments.

Note: Saint Pancras was called upon in Paillon valley to cure hysteria, and in Estéron valley to combat headaches.

Useful Information
  • Located half an hour from the village on the edge of the ancient Peille-Monaco road on the Col de la Madone road.
  • GPS location : 43°47’35.7 N, 07°24’05.3 E
  • Free visit
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